About Us

Java Peppers Industries was established as a food manufacturer, focusing on preserved  vegetables and fruits. Our company has the advantage of being fully integrated growers and manufacturers. By growing high-quality vegetables and fruits in our fully controlled large-scale Greenhouses and then processing them directly at our factory in Malang, East Java, we bring fresh farm products straight to the production level, resulting in a whole new level of food quality for our customers.

We are constantly striving to combine modern food science knowledge with the traditional art of cooking. In other words, we combine food safety with the delicate taste of home cooking. We continuously improve by developing new products based on customer and market demands, which is shown in a wide range of our Indonesian Sambal products (Sambal Bawang, Sambal Ijo, Sambal Matah, Sambal Geprek, Sambal Terasi), Stuff Cherry Peppers, and a new variant of Sambal KrezZ (Seasoned Crispy Dried Chili) which is crunchy and delicious.

Our company produces the highest quality products under strict and certified food quality control, utilizing the most up-to-date production technology. Our product variants are marketed worldwide from Asia, America, and Europe. In addition, our products and food standards comply with the requirements and regulations of the United States Food and Administration (U.S. FDA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).


“To become a food processing company with a global impact by producing high quality food products that comply with food safety standards”.


  • To ensure food safety and quality according to the expectations of our customers and consumers, and ensure full compliance with laws and regulations that apply to our products.
  • To design, test, implement and check that adequate and appropriate systems are in place to ensure the origin and authenticity of our foodstuffs and food products.
  • To guarantee product quality by combining food science and technology to provide delicious and nutritious Indonesian traditional food.


Willingness, Innovation, Service Oriented and Harmony whose meanings are:

  • Willingness. Willingness as a company has a strong determination to achieve the success it dreams of.
  • Innovations. Innovation is always innovating to create new things.
  • Service Oriented. Service has employees who prioritize comfort and service.
  • Harmony. Harmony means that the company believes in the abilities possessed by each human resource, which when put together can form a harmony.
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